Blooming Tea Pods

Product #T2355

6 Pack - $18.00


Includes 6 blooms. Handmade artisan Blooming Tea. Made with tea, flowers and natural flavors. Includes 6 blooms! Includes (2) each of: Unflavored - Green tea with Amaranth and Lavender, Lychee - Silver Needles white tea, jasmine and lily, Lemon Ginger - Green tea with Amaranth and Jasmine.

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Steeping Instructions

1 pod per teapot

Use a clear glass teapot and watch it "bloom"!

205°F - 212°F

Use fresh water
Filtered water is best

Fill teapot with boiled water

Drop in one pod

It's ready when the pod "blooms"!

Steeping time

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