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        NEW!                                                                           tea
                                                                                  White tea “tips” or buds are
                                                                                  harvested by hand only a few
                                                                                  days of the year. The tea buds
                                  Lemon Chiffon                                   are gently dried.  The name white

                                                                                  tea comes from the soft white
                                                                                  down on the new tea buds.

       Sunfruit Sangria

                                                   BUY 3

                                                    TEAS                       Steeping is

                                                                               easy with our
                                                                               tea timer app!
                                                                               for FREE!

                                                     GET 1                     Apple?
                                                  50% OFF                      Android?

                                                              White Tea - 2oz. Only
                                                              Price reflects 2oz. which equals about 30 – 8oz. cups of tea
     Winter Spice White                                       $16.00 Each = 54 cents or less per serving
                                                              Infuse white tea up to three times.

                                                                 Winter Spice White #T2292
                                                              Our cozy winter blend is a combination of certified organic white
                                                              tea, apples, elderberries, currants, almonds, and savory spices!
                                                              It’s like sipping a comforting cup of spiced apple cider.
                                                              Allergen note: Contains almonds.

                                                                 Sun Fruit Sangria #T2318
                                                              Lively citrus and certified organic sweet passionfruit flavor
                                                              are combined with healthy organic white tea, certified organic
                                                              lemongrass, beetroot, carrot, papaya, pineapple, apple, and

                                                                  Lemon Chiffon White #T2363 NEW Limited Edition
                                                              Blend available while supplies last!
                                                              Certified Organic white tea with natural organic compliant cream
                                                              flavor, apples, rose hips, hibiscus petals, lemon pieces, lime
                                                                Denotes original blends created and blended by Tealightful.
                                                                 Our tea is sold in stand-up resealable
                                                                   pouches – perfect for tea storage!

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