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                                                           This season we present you with 14 new products,
                                                           and our new Be-You-Teaful collection.  The recipes,
                                                           tea names and packaging for this collection were
                                                           inspired by the amazing achievements we see
                                                           everyday from our Tealightful consultants and our
                                                           tea loving fans!
                                                           Do you love our small batch blended food products?
                                                           They are in high demand and made fresh weekly
                                                           here at Tealightful.  Our wildly popular Pumpkin Chai
                                                           scones, and Pralines & Cream scones are back.  We
                                                           are also thrilled to share the return of our Pumpkin
                                                           Pie and Snickerdoodle dip!  In addition to all of the
                                                           wonderful flavors of fall, we created stunning new
                                                           packaging for all of our dessert and savory mixes.
                                                           You will never run out of beautiful and delicious gifts
                                                           to share with the tea lovers and foodies in your life!
                                                           It has been a joy creating all of our new products.
                                                           We hope you love them as much as we do!  You
                                                           inspire us everyday to work harder, to go farther
                                                           and to give more.  Thank you!

                                                           - Charlene Phillips, Founder & CEO

   Our newest teas!                                           & Cream                           Melon

                                                                                                & Spice



                                             Exotic                  Lemon - Chiffon White 2oz.

                                                                 Certified Organic White Tea
                                                                                                              Shine - 2oz.
                                                                 Natural Organic Compliant Cream
      Bloom #T2355 - $18.00 NEW            Blooms                #T2363 - $16.00 - NEW                    #T2356 - 13.00 - NEW
      Handmade artisan Blooming Tea                              Flavor, Apple, Rose Hips, Hibiscus       Certified Organic Green Tea,
      Made wtih tea, flowers, and                                Petals, Lemon, and Lime Pieces.          Natural Organic Compliant Melon
      natural flavors.  Includes 6 blooms!                                                                Flavor, Certified Organic Chamomile,
      2 - Unflavored - Green tea with Amaranth & Lavender                                                 Certified Organic Cinnamon, Certified
      2 - Lychee - Silver Needles white tea, Jasmine & Lily                                               Organic Calendula Petals, and Dried
      2 - Lemon Ginger - Green tea with Amaranth & Jasmine                                                Pineapple (Pineapple, Sugar)
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