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                Lemon Ginger

                                                             tea & blends

                                                                            Reduce calories and increase
                                                                            energy! Sip one cup of green tea
                                                                            each day in place of a beverage

                         NEW!                                               that has sugar. Green teas have
                                                                            a light grassy flavor. The leaves
                                                                            are steamed, rolled and dried.


        Spiced Orange

                        Cupid s Super Fruit

                              Goji Green


                    tea                                                                              Sr. Team Leader

                                                                                                       Kathy Miller
           energy!                                                                              Tealightful business is sharing
                                                                                                 “My favorite thing about my
                                                                                               our amazing teas with everyone
                                                                                               I can. It’s especially rewarding to
                                                                                              educate people about the proper
                                                                                               ways to prepare and enjoy tea
                                                                                               and to make healthier beverage
                                                                                               choices. I have built an incredible
                                                          Chamomile Mango                      fans just by sharing what I love!”
                                                                                               following of customers and tea
                                                                                                   What Is Your Favorite
                                                                                                     Tealightful Tea?
                                                                                                “I choose a tea based on time of
                                                                                               day, my mood, the weather and
                                                                                               season, and how I want to feel,
                                                                         Moroccan              I have so many favorite teas for
                                                                                                this reason but Cupid’s Super
                                                                         Mint                  Fruit Goji Green tea is at the top
                                                                                                       of my list!”

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