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                     Lemon Ginger

                                                             tea & blends

                                                                            Reduce calories and increase
                                                                            energy! Sip one cup of green tea
                                                                            each day in place of a beverage
                                                                            that has sugar. Green teas have

     Cherry Berry                                                           a light grassy flavor. The leaves
                                                                            are steamed, rolled and dried.
            Tart                                                  NEW!

                                                                Colada Crush


                                                                                                     Sr. Team Leader
                                                                                                       Kathy Miller
                   Strawberry Papaya                                                            Tealightful business is sharing
                                                                                                 “My favorite thing about my
                                                                                               our amazing teas with everyone
                                                                                               I can. It’s especially rewarding to
                                                                                              educate people about the proper
                                                                                               ways to prepare and enjoy tea
                                                          Chamomile Mango                      choices. I have built an incredible
                                                                                               and to make healthier beverage
                                                                                               following of customers and tea
                                                                                               fans just by sharing what I love!”
                                                                                                   What Is Your Favorite
                                                                                                     Tealightful Tea?
                                                                                                “I choose a tea based on time of
                                                                                               day, my mood, the weather and
                                                                                               season, and how I want to feel, I
                                                                         Moroccan                have so many favorite teas
                                                                                                 it’s hard to choose just one!
               Healthy                                                   Mint

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