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Matcha Selections
                                                               20g. bag makes 12-14 cups of Matcha!
                                                                  Cheesecake Swirl Matcha #T2323  - $13.00
                                                               NEW Certified Organic
                                                               Matcha and cheesecake...a match made in heaven! We
                                                               sourced the finest quality organic Matcha to make our new
                                                               custom, small batch blended Cheesecake Swirl Matcha. Add a
                                                               teaspoon to your favorite smoothie or green drink, add fresh
                                                               strawberries and you have breakfast! Enjoy a better drink that
                                                               is both energizing and full of antioxidants!

                                                               Emerald Mist Matcha #T2284  - $13.00
                                                               Certified Organic
                                                               Our most popular Matcha is now made with certified organic
                                                               shade-grown green tea. It’s a perfect fit for a healthy and
                                                               active lifestyle.
                                                               Masala Chai Matcha #T2285 - $12.00
                                                               Chai lovers rave about this Matcha blend! It’s made
                                                               with high grade Gyokuro combined with Assam black tea,
                                                               cardamom, ginger, black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon,
                                                               cloves and nutmeg. It makes a stunning Matcha Chai Latte.
                                                               Peppermint Stick Matcha #T2296 -$12.00
                                                               Enjoy velvety Matcha with fresh ground peppermint. Prepare
                                                               it with milk for an invigorating Matcha Latte that will brighten
                                                               all of your senses!

                                           Matcha Cheesecake Smoothie
                                           1 1/2 tsp Cheesecake Swirl Matcha
                                           1 frozen banana
                                           1 cup of almond milk
                                           1/2 cup of ice cubes
                                           Blend all ingredients in a blender on
                                           high for two minutes. Enjoy!
                                           Get this recipe and more at

      Green Tea and Green Tea Blends
      Price reflects 4oz. which equals about 60 – 8oz. cups of tea
         Chamomile Mango #T2056 - $23.00                        Jasmine with Flowers #T2018 - $17.00
      Since its introduction, Chamomile Mango has been at the top   Enjoy fresh organic China green tea that has been
      of our weekly tea blending list at Tealightful headquarters.   scented with relaxing Jasmine blossoms.
      It’s made with certified organic green tea, certified organic   Lemon Ginger Green #T2286- $19.00
      chamomile, natural organic compliant mango flavor, and dried   Do you love feeling calm and happy? If so, this blend is for you!
      sweet mango!                                              It contains certified organic green tea, certified organic lemon
      Cherry Rose Petals #T2021 - $19.00                        grass, certified organic citrus peel, certified organic ginger root,
      Are you looking for something soothing, calming and good for   and natural lemon flavor.
      you? Try this exceptional blend of certified organic Sencha   Moroccan Mint #T2221 - $19.00
      green tea, natural organic compliant cherry flavor, and rose   This refreshing blend is excellent hot or cold. It contains certified
      petals.                                                   organic gunpowder green tea, certified organic spearmint
         Cranberry Citrus Sage                                  leaves, and certified organic peppermint leaves.
      #T2293 - $23.00  NEW Recipe!
                                                                    Pineapple Spiced Orange
      Tart and tangy cranberries, apple, citrus and real organic sage   #T2334 - $23.00  NEW
      highlight this healthy blend that is now made with certified
      organic green tea. For a refreshing pick-me-up, try it iced with   Fresh certified organic green tea is combined with natural
      sliced fresh oranges and Orange Honey Stix.               organic compliant pineapple flavor, certified organic ginger,
      Cupid’s Super Fruit Goji Green #T2112 - $19.00            certified organic fennel seed natural organic compliant
                                                                pineapple and orange flavors, certified organic coconut,
      This top selling green tea is full of antioxidant rich green tea,
      juicy goji berries, and pomegranate super-fruit!          unsulphured pineapple, unsulphured apple, rosehips,
                                                                cinnamon and certified organic star anise.
      Earl Grey Green #T2278 - $19.00
      Certified organic green tea is lightly scented with pure Italian   Sencha #T2269 - $16.00
      Bergamot oil. It’s perfect for English tea fans who love green tea!  Antioxidant rich certified organic Sencha is a
                                                                perfect daily drinking tea. It also pairs well with
         Healthy Resolutions #T2254 - $19.00                    any type of savory or sweet food.
      Resolutions are not just for the New Year and some can be
      quite enjoyable! Each cup of our small batch recipe is full of
      healthy certified organic green tea, certified organic lemongrass,     Denotes original    Healthy
      certified organic spearmint, coconut chips, certified organic   blends created and
      citrus peel, green yerba mate, honeybush, natural lemon flavor,   blended by Tealightful.
      and natural vanilla flavor.                                                          Resolutions
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