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                                      NEW!                                        tea
                                                                                    White tea “tips” or buds are
                               Lavender Honey Drop                                  harvested by hand only a
                                                                                    few days of the year. The
                                                                                    tea buds are then withered
                                                                                    and gently dried. White tea
                                                                                    contains the least amount
                                                                                    of caffeine and is considered
                                                                                    the healthiest of all teas.

                                   White Tea
                                   Price reflects 4oz. which equals about 60 – 8oz. cups of tea
                                   Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) #T2038 - $19.00
                                   Certified Organic
                Apple Rose         This exquisite white tea is delicate, natural and pure. The buds
                                   are plucked from a special varietal tea bush called Narcissus.
                                   The leaves and buds are hand sorted and allowed to naturally
                                   wither and dry in the sun.

                                   White Tea Blends
                                   Price reflects 4oz. which equals about 60 – 8oz. cups of tea
                                      Apple Rose #T2319 - $19.00
                                   Pretty rose petals are combined with hints of fresh green apple
                                   and sunny passionfruit. Our luxurious blend is made with organic
                                   green and white tea, organic rose petals, unsulphured dried
                                   apple, natural organic passionfruit and natural organic compliant
                                   apple flavor.
                                      Lavender Honey Drop
                                   #T2332 – $23.00  NEW
                                   This beautiful blend simple and sweet! We blend it in micro
                                   batches with natural honey flavor, organically-grown culinary      Team Leader
                                   lavender, helichrysum flowers, certified organic white tea and      Diane Hulett
                                   calming organic rooibos. You will savor every sip!              “I have had success at
                                      Winter Spice White #T2292 – $23.00                          Tealightful because their
                                   Our cozy winter blend is a combination of healthy white tea,
                                   apples, elderberries, currants, almonds, and savory spices! It’s   mission aligns with my core
                                   like sipping a comforting cup of spiced apple cider. Allergen note:   values: Mindfulness and Tea.
                                   Contains almonds.                                             Simple! I love being a team
                                                                                                 leader because the people
                                                                                                on my team all have fabulous
                                        Denotes original blends created and blended by Tealightful.  personalities and are so easy
                                                                                                      to work with.”
                                         Our tea is sold in stand-up resealable
     WINTER SPICE White                    pouches – perfect for tea storage!

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