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Welcome to Tealightful!

                                                       Making iced tea blends and homemade iced tea, are two of my
                                                       favorite things!  I created the lovely tea blends on these pages,
                                                       with summer and iced tea in mind.  You don't need a fancy system
                                                       or expensive accessories to make homemade iced tea.  All you
                                                       need is My Iced Tea Jar.  This simple iced tea set is affordable and
                                                       so easy to use.  It will make you a fan of fresh brewed iced tea!

                                                       Are you a Matcha fan?  If so, you are going to love our NEW
                                                       Matcha line!  My Easy Matcha™ is perfect for making iced tea or
                                                       hot tea in seconds!  It was created to replace my son’s unhealthy
                                                       energy drink.  It's water soluble, easy to use, and it tastes great!
                                                       Our blends are made with superior quality, organic Japanese
                                                       Matcha,  real dried fruit powders, certified organic acacia powder,
                                                       organic herbs and spices.  There are four flavors in all.  Give them
                                                       a try and let us know what you think.  Enjoy!

         Charlene Phillips, Founder & CEO
                      Zen Energy &

                  Mindful Wellness                                          Zero Calorie Treat

                                                                                             Root Beer Float
                                                                                         #T2321 - $23.00
                                                                                         Root Beer Float rooibos is
                                                                                         naturally caffeine free!  It’s
                                                                                         made with certified organic
                                                                                         rooibos, honeybush, certified
                                                                                         organic cinnamon, wild-crafted
                                                                                         sarsaparilla root, natural organic
                                                                                         compliant root beer, and cream
                                                                                         flavors.  Best of Tealightful!

                                                                                                                                    Beach Sipper

                                    Tropical             Prices reflect 4oz. which equals

                                   & Sunny                 about 60 – 8oz. cups of tea.

           Strawberry Papaya                                  For additional savings,
           #T2351 - $23.00   NEW
           Certified organic green tea is                  NEW Tealightful tea blends
           combined with strawberry, papaya, and             can be purchased in the
           natural organic compliant strawberry flavor!   Create Your Own Tea Sampler
           Try it iced with mint and lime!
                                                            as seen on page 4 and 5.
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