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                                                            We are all trying to figure out our place in this world. 
                                                            One thing is certain, if you let passion be your guide
                                                            you will invariably meet others who share it.  Simply
                                                            put, that is the story of Tealightful and who we
                                                            have come to be. We are a family of real people from
                                                            all walks of life with a passion for tea and making
                                                            people happy!
                                                            Our goal each season is to present you with products
                                                            that are made with the freshest, cleanest and
                                                            finest ingredients possible because it pays to buy
                                                            good tea and food that is also good for you! This
                                                            season you will find 12 new custom tea recipes that
                                                            we have created using fresh organic teas, herbs,
                                                            spices and beautiful botanicals. We have also brought
                                                            back our famous Pumpkin Chai Scones, Pralines
                                                            & Cream scones and our amazing Snickerdoodle
                                                            dessert crème!
                                                            We hope you will find something in this catalog
                                                            that will inspire you to breathe, sip and relax!
                                                            Invite friends to join you for a mini tea break,
                                                            connect, make memories and live in the
                                                            moment. That’s what life is all about and our
                                                            wish for you, today and every day.
                                                            – Charlene Phillips, CEO and founder
       Our newest teas!

                                                                                 Copper Beauty

                                                                                              Turmeric Tulsi
                                                                                          #T2335 - $23.00   NEW
                                                                                          Certified Organic Turmeric Root
                              NEW!                                                        Certified Organic Green Rooibos
                                                                                          Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil)
                                                                                          Unsulphured Apple, Orange
                                                                                          Peel, Ginger Root, Cardamom,
                                                                                          Cinnamon, Brazilian Rose Pepper
                                                                                                        see page 10

                                                                                                               NEW!            Citrus & Spice

                              & Soothing

                                                          equals about 60 – 8oz.
                Lavender Honey Drop                      Prices reflect 4oz. which
           #T2332 - $23.00   NEW                                cups of tea
           Certified Organic White Tea
           Certified Organic Rooibos                   For additional savings NEW
           Certified Organic Lavender                   Tealightful tea blends can
           Certified Organic Honey Extract             be purchased in the Create
           Certified Organic Helichrysum Flowers        Your Own Tea Sampler as
                              see page 7                     seen on page 4.
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