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Herbal – Naturally Caffeine Free!
                         Price reflects 4oz. which equals about 60 – 8 oz. cups of tea
                         Chamomile #T2095 - $19.00
                         A cup of certified organic Chamomile will take away the worries
                         of the day. Sip it before bed for a relaxing night’s sleep.
                            Lavender Lemon Tea Cake #T2098 - $19.00
                         Our citrusy, floral blend is made from certified organic lemon verbena, certified
                         organic lavender, certified organic lemongrass, certified organic citrus peel,
                         and pure lemon oil. This blend was inspired by our favorite teatime dessert!  Strawberry Kiwi
                            Mindful Morning #T2315 - $19.00
                         This calming herbal blend is naturally caffeine free! It’s made with five simple
                         ingredients: certified organic green rooibos, certified organic dandelion root, certified
                         organic spearmint, certified organic orange peel, and certified organic ginger.
                            Peace Potion #T2027 - $19.00
                         Sip Peace Potion when you need to breathe easier and find peace of mind. It’s made
                         with certified organic chamomile, certified organic peppermint, and certified organic
                         raspberry leaf.
       Mindful           Peppermint #T2096 - $17.00
                         Organically-grown in the USA! Our domestic organic Peppermint is both soothing
       Morning           and energizing. Try it hot with Agave Stix!
                            Perfect Ending #T2280 - $17.00
                         This fragrant herbal blend is caffeine free and contains certified organic fennel seed
                         and certified organic nettle. We recommend this tea as a perfect ending to any meal.

                            Saigon Cinnamon Spice #T2270 - $17.00
           Spa Day       Our incredible handcrafted tisane has a natural sweetness that comes from certified
                         organic Saigon cinnamon, certified organic orange peel, certified organic licorice root,
                         certified organic cloves, certified organic cardamom, and warming, pure cinnamon oil.
                         It is the perfect marriage of sweet and spicy!
                            Spa Day #T2133 - $17.00
                         Created for those days when you want to feel both calm and cool! Our custom
                         blend contains four simple ingredients: certified organic lemongrass, certified
                         organic peppermint, certified organic cinnamon bark, and certified organic
                         licorice root.
                         Spearmint #T2236 - $17.00
                         Organically-grown in the USA!  Sip, breathe, repeat...
                            Turmeric Tulsi #T2335 - $23.00  NEW
                         Certified organic turmeric root certified organic green rooibos, tulsi
                         (aka Holy Basil), unsulphured apple, orange peel, certified organic
                         ginger root, cardamom, cinnamon, Brazilian rose pepper.

                                               Denotes original blends created
                                                   and blended by Tealightful.  Turmeric Tulsi


             Tealightful herbal blends are
             naturally caffeine free! Made                                                               Sweet
             from select herbs and spices                                                         Cranberry Apple
             and known for their wellness
             and stress reducing properties.
                                                                                                Perfect Ending

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